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 IMPURITY- warriors rpg

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PostSubject: IMPURITY- warriors rpg   Sun Sep 09, 2012 6:57 pm

The four clans were finally at peace with one another, and thriving off of the new land. But everything changed when the fire nation rogues attacked. All peace was lost as the new Court of Rogue invaded the lake, stole the food, and took what they wanted. An all-out battle royale between the clans and the court, each of which deem the other impure. In an attempt to change the clan ideologies by force, the court became an infection around the lake via the tunnels, living under the clans. The normal clan rivalry still existing, the clans all try to find ways to deal with the new cats and still live with normal clan rivalry, their world changing while they try to cling to what they had.

• • I M P U R I T Y | greets you, a warriors roleplay that has Thuderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, Shadowclan and a Court of Rogues in the lake territory. We are a semi-lit+, PG13+ forum with an administration that has been roleplaying for 5+ years. We have many active members, and even perform activity checks to filter inactive accounts, so feel free to join us here at Impurity. We're a new site looking for wonderful active members, and there are still many roleplaying leadership positions to be filled. We'd love to have you, and we only nibble a little!

Are you pure enough?
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IMPURITY- warriors rpg
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