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 Pokemon Kuro

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PostSubject: Pokemon Kuro   Sat Sep 08, 2012 12:05 am

Welcome to Pokemon Kuro! Our staff is friendly and everyone is helpful to one another. We got rich content and you will never know what may pop up in the tall grass! Of course, you most likely heard of this all before and think to yourself "Yeah yeah, heard it before". So what can we provide that is different from any other Pokemon site? First off, we don't have a list of Pokemon for the area. In fact, depending on the area will depends on your Pokemon that could spawn up! So you never know what will show up! Not enough for you, then how about a quest system? Tired of just role playing of wild Pokemon or random trainers, well you can do a quest with its own rewards! Still not enough for you?! Then how a Pokemon class system?! Depending your class will depend how you can role-play and how things affect you. A researcher can increase the rate of Pokemon appear, Ace trainers can train their Pokemon faster, or perhaps a thief that steals other Pokemon? It's your call and you see what we do differently. I am sure you will make the right choice!

Hi boys and girls out there I am Genocide or you could just call me Geno. For this month, we are allowing all new members starters to be Shiny color for you. Of course, you could also have it as its default color or a re-color(only if its recolored in another game!) if you wish! See you all in the tall grass guys!

Also, if you join and refer a friend, you can pick any common pokemon(not rare or evolved) that you want, and it will be level 3!
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Pokemon Kuro
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