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 My Sanctuary [OPEN]

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PostSubject: My Sanctuary [OPEN]   Sun Sep 02, 2012 12:08 pm

small white and scarred paws slowly stepped into the ruins of the community. black eyes looked around at the ruins, she knew she would have to get out of the sight of the bloodtails... and soon, they had been chasing her for quite a while, she needed to get them off her tail. she growled a bit to herself, trying to figure out how they would think she was sick. if i was sick, won't i be showing it more? she growled a bit more as her white dainty paws began moving through the ruins once more, her black eyes fell upon a small house, the door standing open, she quickly looked around, no one was near, which was good. she slowly moved into the house.

demon’s small paws stood in the door step, as she looked around, it was dark inside there. she sighed, her nostrils began flaring as she was attempting to smell if anyone, or anything was in there with her. so far so good... she thought to herself. her black eyes then spotted something that looked very comfortable, her natural curiosity took control. even though demon shouldn't be all that curious because of what all her family and such had been through. her grandparents became ill when her mother was pregnant with her and because her mother took care of grandparents, and was there when they passed, her mother got some of their blood on her tails, which caused her mother to be immune to it, but it also caused the whole litter, except for demon, to be still born. although they did think that demon was still born, she managed to finally come too. unlike most pups, demon's eyes were black as night, her parent's couldn't figure out why, but they didn't care, they just wanted her to be ok. she didn't care though, all she knew was her parents and grandparents were both gone, the bloodtails was hot on her tail, and she had to disappear off the grid.. and quick.
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My Sanctuary [OPEN]
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