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 READ this! Important BBCode and HTML Information!

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PostSubject: READ this! Important BBCode and HTML Information!   Fri Aug 31, 2012 8:30 pm

HTML: All HTML code works in posts. If you can, post your advertisement in HTML. Otherwise, READ BELOW!

BBCode: Unlike HTML, BBCode is very variant. Please note that BBCode here is DIFFERENT than BBCode in other sites. Please pay attention to this; if you do not, then I will delete your advertisement!

Center Alignment wrote:
"align=center" does NOT work! Use "center" instead!
Sizes wrote:
This is important. Sizes vary between sites. Most of the time, I see three variations. They go as follows (rows are types, columns are familiar sizes):
by Relativity-3048
by Pixel9121824
by Percentage85100150200
Many sites, including Proboards, uses RELATIVITY. That means the BBCode size is based on 0, the normal size. Some are based on PERCENTAGE, where normal size for BBCode is 100. This board is based on Pixel size (whatever that means). If you are posting an ad proven to work on Proboards, it will be TOO SMALL, and smaller sizes will not work right. If your ad uses Percentage, it will look GARGANTUAN...not really, it just won't work. So please...just use the Preview button!
Font Color wrote:
Use a hash tag/number sign/pound sign/tic-tac-toe board/shift+3/whatever-you-call-it/# for a color hex code. In other words, red is color=#FF0000, not color=FF0000.

LONG STORY SHORT: Use the PREVIEW button before you post, or I will delete it! ...your post, not the Preview button...
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READ this! Important BBCode and HTML Information!
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