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PostSubject: THE BEAST WITHIN [Shifter RPG]   Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:25 pm

Treston, Virginia. An average city full of not so average people. After the nuclear plant meltdown in 1992--twenty years ago--strange things began to happen. The citizens of Treston started to notice strange happenings; some of the people had begun to take on an extraordinary ability. Shifting. Not everyone was affected, and there are people who despise shifters (like me) for what we are.

Come to find out, nuclear meltdowns all throughout the world over the past fifty years have also experienced the same phenomenon. Shifters have become an epidemic that was difficult to contain and even harder to find a means of control. The Iron Asylum and Mohl Research Facility have taken to heading up finding a cure and trying to eliminate us, calling us mutants that run amok in Treston and all over the world.

The government says we are abominations. Creatures that only seek to harm the human race. They have allowed their panic and ignorance to make them hateful. They have taken to hiring hunters (both human and shifter alike) to track down and capture us for research and containment. Like lab rats.

I think it is time for us to stand up and fight for our right to be different--special. Sure there will be rogues and those that wish to exact their bloodlust upon their fellow humans, but not all are the same. The main question is: will you tame your animal side? Or will it tame you? That will surely decide your fate.

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