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 Hakkari's Character Log

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PostSubject: Hakkari's Character Log   Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:38 pm

Character's Name: Dria
Sex: Female
Species: Wolf
Affiliation: Loner
Physical Description:
From a distance Dria appears to be a fully black wolf. This, combined with her tendency to travel through forests alone at night, makes her appear far more fearsome than she actually is. In reality, she's a rather small dark gray wolf, splotched in black but by no means entirely the color. Her eyes are light blue, bordering on white.


Dria is a loner, both physically and mentally. She tends to distance herself from others since her family, though she is polite if spoken to. Getting close to her can be a long and tiresome affair, though if a wolf or animal interests her she makes it obvious.

She's a spiritual wolf, believing in an afterlife and constantly surrounding herself by nature. Her eyes will light up when she hears another that shares similar beliefs to her own, though she does not begrudge those that do not understand her. After all, her own morals are based on personal grief and guilt from her past, so who is she to tell others that they are wrong?

The one thing Dria does not like talking about is the virus. She doesn't like the idea of the three factions, and fears that so many wolves together will restart the plague. Though she would not mind dying so she can rejoin her family, she is constantly burdened with the fear that other families will go through similar events to her own.


She is quiet, a shadow amongst the trees. She's the sole survivor of her family. Alone.

The visions haunt her; her family dies over and over, their cries set on repeat in her mind. She remembers with striking detail how she could only watch her youngest brothers and sisters die, their cries unbearable.

"Dria, it hurts... make it stop, please!"

"Driiiiaaa, help! It hurts, why does it hurt?"

"Make it stop!"

"Please, please make it stop!"

She had been left alone with them, what was she supposed to do?! Black liquid oozed from their mouths, their cries of fear filling her with dread. They shook with no rhythm or pattern, and it was simply unnatural.

What was she supposed to do?!

They were only pups, the three of them. Dria was of her mother's first litter. Her own siblings had already died of the virus, though they had wandered away as soon as their trembles began. They claimed that they were going hunting, but after the first had left and never returned, Dria knew that they were going to die.

Her younger siblings, though, were barely old enough to hunt themselves. Their first hunt had been only a few weeks prior to the trembling and shaking and crying.

What was she supposed to do?!

Finally she could not take their yips and whimpers any longer. Her instincts took over. Her own fear and desire to survive took over the maternal instincts that she had been struggling with.

What was she supposed to do?!

She killed them all, with a quick rip of the throat. Their blood coated her muzzle, and their cries died away as her last sister fell to Dria's teeth. She moved their bodies away, burying them under leaves and dirt.

When her parents returned, she told them what had happened.

"They died of the disease, mother. Started leaking blood, like that loner wolf we ran across a couple of days ago. I took their bodies and buried them outside the camp. Hopefully we won't get the disease too."

They bought it, their grief so strong that they barely noticed the blood on her maw. It was dismissed as coming from the plague. Not two weeks later, they also died, blood pouring from their bodies as they curled up together. They managed to leave the earth as a couple, but left their last daughter all alone.


She wasn't sure why she hadn't died, why her body hadn't fallen to the disease and leaked blood from everywhere. It was her punishment, she finally decided. Her punishment for killing her own siblings. Her punishment for killing pups of all things! Innocent, harmless pups...

She relaxes against her tree, becoming a shadow again, the sole survivor. Alone.
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Hakkari's Character Log
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