CASCADE: Advanced Wolf Roleplay
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PostSubject: Taukhano   Thu Aug 30, 2012 1:40 pm

Taukhano. A land from the pages of history. Welcome to the Pleistocene, the last great era of the Ice Age. The world is new and laden with ice and snow each season. Man crouches in his cave, sharpening stakes for the hunt around the embers of a fire. The sabretoothe stalks the frozen wasteland with gimlet eyes, prowling the jagged clifftop, while the Dire Wolf falls and gives rise to its descendant, the Gray Wolf. American lions crouch beneath the trees, wakened by the heavy footfalls of a mammoth herd.

Welcome to a new age. A dangerous age. Welcome to Taukhano. Each day may be your last.

Will you Join Us?
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