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 Followers of the Crimson Red Rules

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PostSubject: Followers of the Crimson Red Rules   Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:05 am

"A people free to choose will always choose peace."
(Ronald Reagan; adopted by Villo Kasivu)

Epelese PairThe Epelese pair is the two wolves leading the pack. They are one male and one female. They are usually the only one permitted to breed and the first one to bite a carcass after a hunt. They command the rest of the pack.Villo
ZageħThe Zageħ, similar to Betas in a normal packs, are almost always the Epelese pair's pups. They are higher on the chain of dominance. If an Epelese was to become absent or, well, dead, then the highest-ranked Zage takes over.---Epeleseħ
HizawħThe Hizawħ are the stronghold of the pack. They hunt and protect their grounds. In the FCR, Hizawħ are divided in to several other sub-ranks, shown below. The Namgi (NAHM-gee) of each sub-rank leads the rest (shown as the underlines name in the Members list). He or she has mastered the sub-rank's job and is thus very wise in the subject..SEE CHART BELOWEpeleseħ
InateħThe Inateħ are the scapegoats of the pack, like Omegas. They always get the dirty work, are put in the front-lines, and get the last bite of a kill. Most of the pack looks down on these wolves. In the FCR, Inateħ are quite rare.---Epeleseħ

MEMBERS (Namgi underlined)
SymegaħSymegah: SYME-eh-gahThe Symegaħ are the best hunters and fighters of the pack. Almost all Hizawħ should hunt, but the Symegaħ are the best. They know hunting patterns and battling patterns.
LIMITS: one Namgi, infinite members.
MyhaħMyha: MY-hah or MY-yahThe Myhaħ know how to heal many injuries and wounds. They can identify many plants, especially those used for healing. They also specialize in poisons. The Namgi and a few of the Myhaħ can see prophecies and tell the future. Myhaħ usually love to tell stories and love to take care of pups. A Myha Apprentice is a new Myha whom the other Myhaħ (especially the Namgi) must teach.
LIMITS: one Namgi, infinite members.
HeluħHelu: HEH-looThe Heluħ are the spies of the pack. They sneak into the Revoltaires and Bloodtails bases to try to find out anything they can. They also help the Tyeħ with making sure no other spies sneak into the FCR. They must always bring their learnings to the Epeleseħ and the Zageħ.
LIMITS: no Namgiħ, infinite members.
TyeħTye: TIEThe Tyeħ guard the pack territory. Almost all Hizawħ should pitch in to keep the FCR safe from loners, spies, and other intruders, but the Tyeħ are the ones assigned to do that all the time. Tyeħ also are responsible for leading new members to the Epeleseħ when they arrive.
LIMITS: one Namgi, infinite members.
HexiygeħHexiyge: heck-SIEGHEThe Hexiygeħ search for new members. There are few of these since the FCR does not want to deal with too many new members at a time. They also check for any activity outside of the FCR territory and report directly to the Epeleseħ. They also escort newly found members to the FCR borderlines where the Tyeħ take over from there.
LIMITS: no Namgiħ, usually three members.

Zagezay-GEE or ZAY-gehZageħzay-GEESH or ZAY-gesh
Hizawhih-ZAR or hih-ZOWHizawħhih-ZARSH or hih-ZOWSH
      Ħ ħ
pronounced "sh"

The FCR was the final of the three factions to form. It was formed by the wolves who thought that both the Bloodtails and the Revoltaires were obscure and outrages in their practices. Wolves here believe that the world could return back to normal again if peace was restored. They believe that all wolves have the same common desire to restore peace and live in serenity. They usually oppose fighting.

However, that is hypocrisy. They often send wolves to fight against Revoltaires and Bloodtails (or to break up a fight between the two factions) in order to "establish their dominance" and "remind the factions of the power and importance of the FCR". They are in no way actually heading toward peace.

This pack is found in a large Germanic-style city, complete with a castle. It is surrounded by a dense dark forest (like the Black Forest in Germany, in fact). The buildings are constructed of dark bricks and red windows. They were often obscurely shaped, but most of them have fallen to ruin. Skyscrapers of up to seven stories tall are scattered in the depths of the city, but all of them are inaccessible from at least the second floor and up du to damage. The city had actually suffered from a small nuclear attack (although the radiation no longer poses a problem even in food), so many of the vehicles and other possessions of the humans that once lived there still lie about. The Revoltaires likely envy this since they are artifacts of the human intelligence they can not access. (In spite, the FCR guard the land although they have no use for the human artifacts).

If a man was to somehow view the city (although they are all long gone), he would see an eerie site. Silhouettes of humans can be seen only on east-facing walls, as if the residents disappeared before their shadows could escape. Uncanny appearances such as molten computer screens and disfigured cars can be spotted. Most eerie of all, they can see a long line of cars facing toward one specific street. The toys, tools, and all means nothing now.

This site is north of the Citadel and northeast of the Revoltaires base.

If your character would like to join this faction and has NOT yet been registered, then register the character under the affiliation. If your character would like to join this faction and HAS been registered, then post an in-character thread in the Crimson Community with your character entering.
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Followers of the Crimson Red Rules
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