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 Revoltaires Rules

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PostSubject: Revoltaires Rules   Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:54 am

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."
(Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book II; adopted by Voltaine)

VoltaineVoltaine is, well, Voltaine. He leads the entire pack and holds all of the information for the RevoltairesVoltaine---
AnthroscriptologistsAnthroscriptologists are wolves who study what the humans left behind. They know how to understand certain words, and they comprehend that the written human language consists of various symbols placed chronologically of when they are read or spoken from left to right. A few also know how to turn on and off computers, although none of them really know how to use any (yet). Some guard the MGCD, which is a large, unidentified structure at the center of the Revoltaire base. Anthroscriptologists hold important information about the pack and the humans and are thus cherished by Voltaine; he keeps them close to the center of camp.---Voltaine
BetasBetas are wolves close to Voltaine who are basically next-in-line. They each command parts of the camp and listen to Voltaine's commands. They are also authorized to make their own decisions if something goes wrong. They are blamed if their assigned part of the area if something perilous occurs.Brutus
SubordinatesAlmost all wolves in the pack are Subordinates. They are basically the stronghold of the pack. They hunt together, work to protect Voltaine, and basically keep the pack alive. They are expected to defend the pack and themselves. Pups are considered Subordinates but, of course, do not need to hunt.Alue
OmegasOmegas are the dirt-scum of the pack. They are always dominated by other members, eat last, and basically have a bad life. Some Subordinates and occasionally Voltaine himself may dominate an Omega "just for kicks", like a bully. Subordinates occasionally become demoted to an Omega, but the reverse rarely occurs.---Voltaine

The Revoltaires may appear as a normal pack. However, one major exception makes this pack appear less of a pack by most other wolves. There is no Alpha pair. The "pack" is actually run by one single tyrannic dictator: Voltaine. It is rare for anybody to even consider challenging him.

The pack was founded in response of the massacring Brotherhood. "Symptomed" wolves (wolves who have obvious physical or mental abnormalities acquired at birth) found the ideas of the anti-"symptom" Brotherhood of the Bloodtails blasphemous and outrageous (of course...) and decided to do something. The wolf who took action was Voltaine. Voltaine revolted. Revolt...Voltaine...Voltaine the Revolter.... So, the Revoltaires was formed to counter the Bloodtails and protect the "symptomed" wolves. Of course, wolves who are not "symptomed" but disagree with the Bloodtails can still join this pack.

The Revoltaires live in a large military base. All of the buildings are about 40 feet long, 24 feet wide, and very white. They each usually consist of three rooms. They are very rectangular and identical in appearance. Their windows are black and are high except at the front, where the window stretched across almost the entire wall of the room and reaches from the ceiling to the floor. Wolves find these buildings (which are usually one story tall) to be very effective dens and often share them with other wolves.

Voltaine has

This site is northwest of the Citadel and southwest of Crimson City.

If your character would like to join this faction and has NOT yet been registered, then register the character under the affiliation. If your character would like to join this faction and HAS been registered, then post an in-character thread in the Outer Boundaries with your character entering.
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Revoltaires Rules
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