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 The Brotherhood of the Bloodtails Rules

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PostSubject: The Brotherhood of the Bloodtails Rules   Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:26 pm

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
(Spock, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; adopted by Crystalline)


MotherThe Mother is comparable to the Alpha Female. She is in charge of the entire Brotherhood and makes the major decisions. Since the entire route supports her and looks up to her, challenging her would likely be futile. If the Mother was ever replaces with a male, he would instead be called the Father.Crystalline---
GaurdsThe Gaurds are a few wolves, usually two or four, who live near Crystalline and ensure her safety. They are usually strong and get the first bite of any hunt results. They do not need to hunt for "symptoms" as often since their loyalty is proven daily. They also make most of the announcements.Toxi
GeneralsGenerals are comparable to Beta wolves. They live in the citadel and administer all that occurs within it. There is no limit of how many Generals there are although the rank is hard to achieve. They are responsible for escorting all who enter the citadel above the first floor. Also, they must always attend ALL meetings and battles.---Crystalline
LieutenantsThe twelve Lieutenants take charge of the bunkers; each Lieutenant is assigned one bunker. Brothers and Sisters can occasionally be Lieutenants if their bunker needs one. Lieutenants live in their assigned bunkers but are granted permission into all of the citadel, including Crystalline's room. Their job is to administer their bunkers and---Crystalline
Brothers/SistersThe majority of the route is consisted of the Brothers and Sisters. They represent the Subordinates of a pack. Their duty, like all other members, is to search for "symptomed" wolves, murder them, and dip their tail in the kill's chest. ((NOTE: You do not have to kill registered characters! You can temporarily create a nameless character just for the purpose of your character to kill.)) One who washes his or her tail is looked down upon as it is a disgrace to do so. Brothers and Sisters should strive to kill at least four wolves a week. ((You do not have to roleplay every time your character "hunts")). Brothers and Sisters also are responsible for hunting for food. They are divided into twelve different bunkers.---Crystalline
InitiatesInitiates are new members. After 30 days of "loyal, flawless membership", an Initiate becomes a Brother or a Sister. Initiates are the only members who can leave the Brotherhood without being killed as they, unlike all other members, have not yet signed a blood pact. They are not allowed to hear any vital information from the Brotherhood and are always closely watched by the Lieutenants. They are assigned a bunker at this time and are required to go on hunts (for both "symptoms" and game) with their Lieutenants or even their entire bunkers.QuemalCrystalline
Note how there is no rank comparable to an Omega (except possibly an Initiate).

The Brotherhood of the Bloodtails were formed first of the three factions. Their inspiration was from the death of the leaders of The Brotherhood, where the first mother, Crystalline, originated. Crystalline blames all wolves with "symptoms" (animals, especially wolves, who have obvious physical or mental abnormalities acquired at birth plus an occasional "hunch") for the death of the leaders. However, few or none of the Brotherhood members know about her inspirations; they have believed their whole lives that the "symptomed" wolves were evil, sickening, and so on.

The Bloodtails live in an abandoned citadel. It is tall with a dome-like roof at the center resembling Byzantine architecture. It has two wings of seemingly temporary structures that start at the left and right of the citadel and run perpendicular to it. Each wing has individual sections, or "bunkers". The doors to the bunkers are absent; only a threshold remains. Bunker One is at the far end of the left wing, and Bunker Twelve (which is quite damaged) is at the far end of the right wing. Between the wings and in front of the citadel is a large plaza. It is made of carefully cut and places stones forming flat rings around a central statue of a human.

This site is south of Crimson City and southeast of the Revoltaires base. The Bloodtails Forest surrounds this site.

If your character would like to join this faction and has NOT yet been registered, then register the character under the affiliation. If your character would like to join this faction and HAS been registered, then post an in-character thread in the Plaza with your character entering. Wolves with a Mutation Level of N Mutation or above may not join, as the Brotherhood considers them as "symptomed".
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The Brotherhood of the Bloodtails Rules
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