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 Characters and Registration

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PostSubject: Characters and Registration   Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:43 pm

When you join, create a main account. This will not be an account used for a character. After this, go to the character registration forum (Rules and Registration -> Character Registration) and fill out the character form. When that form is accepted, you may create an account for that character named after the character. That account will be the one you use for roleplaying that character.

Your characters description should be logical, but I will allow absurd colors. In other words, you can have purple and yellow wolves or green foxes, but I don't want a route of wolves who look like rainbows and have six pairs of butterfly wings on their ears to appear. Have creativity in your characters, but at the same time, try to be logical. Your character can have wings ONLY IF he/she is an Anemo Elemental.

As far as character species, your first character must be a wolf. Other allowed species are other canines (hyenas are NOT canine but are acceptable anyway), felines, and (as of right now) horses. Horses can not be in a faction; they must be registered as a loner. You must pay for all non-wolf characters with Aluminium.

You may not have extremely sharp claws, unbreakable fangs, or any other highly beneficial irregularity; that is power-play. If you have doubt, you may ask a moderator first.
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Characters and Registration
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