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PostSubject: Aluminium   Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:08 pm

Certain actions on this site can reward you with additional Aluminium points! Aluminium can be used to purchase new characters or new power-ups. They also serve as awards or fines if a moderator thinks you did something good or bad.

Aluminium is a currency made by wolves. They found that aluminum is very flexible and can be shaped into certain shapes. The three leaders have found identical stamps that they can press onto pieces of soda cans and such to make Aluminium to be used for the wolves. The method is mostly used to keep some form of balance. The name "Aluminium" came from the Revoltaires, who found a crate of aluminum foil from Europe, thus marked with the European word "Aluminium" (with the extra vowel) rather than the American word "Aluminum". The leaders of the Brotherhood and FCR both agreed on the name simply because they did not care what the currency was called.

You can view the price list, award list, and other information here.
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