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 Bunker Numbers

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PostSubject: Bunker Numbers   Mon May 07, 2012 7:49 pm

Wolves in particular bunkers tend to act certain ways. Not all wolves act the same in a particular bunker, however. For example, most wolves in Bunker Six are slutty females, but not all of them are. Of course, a Bloodtail is usually assigned a bunker, so that is up to their fate anyway. ((OOC: Feel free to choose a bunker for your character, just keep in mind that IC, Crystalline assigns bunkers.))

  1. adventurous
  2. troublemaking
  3. undefined
  4. undefined
  5. undefined
  6. lustful
  7. undefined
  8. undefined
  9. undefined
  10. undefined
  11. undefined
  12. undefined
  13. no longer in existence
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Bunker Numbers
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