CASCADE: Advanced Wolf Roleplay
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 CASCADE: The Story [plus symbolism involved]

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PostSubject: CASCADE: The Story [plus symbolism involved]   Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:53 am

WAR WAS ESCALATING TO AN UNDESIRABLY AND UNCOMFORTABLY LETHAL LEVEL. Resources were limited as embargoes and port closures compounded with extreme unemployment choked worldwide trade. Oil was the breath of life, and life was suffocating as the amount of available nonrenewable resources turned out to be exponentially less than what scientists believed. Every nation had either nuclear weapons since they were a superpower or no freedom since the imperialistic emperors and dictators of the superpower countries took control of them as every nation, from the western democratic-republic civilizations to the eastern communists, became totalitarian with corrupt leaders.

Livestock was running exceedingly low. Scientists around the world had long ago abandoned research on stem cell growth, which could have been used to make beef, in order to focus their technology on the current war of attrition. The best solution scientists had in order to preserve livestock was to attempt to bring the extinction of species commonly associated with the death of livestock animals, including the innocent gray wolf. One month was long enough to develop a reproducible contagious nanobot as an artificial canine virus. This artificial virus was easily spread only among feral canines via any part of their body: saliva, dander, and fur, for example. However, the only cure for this was simply contact to infected blood. Apparently, the nanobots' functionality appeared to decrease when operating in blood, so the antibodies in a healthy wolf were probably capable of immunizing the wolf.

Ironically, a natural virus stroke the human population in return. A super-virus with resistance to every known drug attacked all nations, regardless of their side of the war. Nobody, high-classed or broke, was exempt from the infection. If the virus did not kill a person, radiation did as the world war quickly became nuclear. Children in the streets sang "Ring around the Rosie" and "Blood-Rush Red" as their friends and family died from themselves or others.

Meanwhile, the nanobots spread like wildfire through the wolves.

A SMALL UNAFFECTED GROUP OF WOLVES KNOWN AS THE BROTHERHOOD LIVED AMONG AN ABANDONED CITADEL. They knew about the virus (but not that they were manmade) and took subtle measures to stop it from taking over the species. They knew the symptoms of this virus; an affected wolf would acquire black saliva upon receiving the nanobot and would slightly tremble endlessly. Before death, after the nanobots had attacked every body part in the wolf, blood would seep from the pores of the wolf. When a Brotherhood member saw this, they would simply exile the member from the pack.

But there was no forestalling. The male leader of The Brotherhood contracted the ailment. He passed on a shallow slope with his paws in the paws of his mate, the female leader. Fortunately for her, this gave her contact to his blood that seeped from his pores, giving her immunity from the virus.

One high-ranked wolf named Crystalline stood beside him as he died and noticed that most of the male wolf's blood had seeped through the pores of his tail since his tail was downhill from the rest of his body. Crystalline kept this memory as she witness the virus take the male wolf's life. The Brotherhood slowly disbanded as the virus claimed each individual life. One morning, Crystalline woke up to see that the female leader was missing. They were both immune to the virus after touching the male wolf's blood, but Crystalline, who was unaware of their immunity, thought the female leader had become infected and left to spare the route. She never saw this wolf again. This left Crystalline as leader, but she had few wolves left to lead.

Crystalline sent every unaffected wolf in The Brotherhood to search for the affected wolves and destroy them. She called this a "necessity" and repetitively suggested that "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few", a statement that later became The Brotherhood's slogan. Her superb propaganda techniques brought unaffected wolves from everywhere into The Brotherhood to destroy the terrible virus. In dedication of the deceased male leader whom she cherished the leadership of, Crystalline ordered that each member must cut open the stomach of a kill and dunk his or her tail into it in order to coat his or her tail in blood. No wolf knew that this action provided immunity; in fact, Crystalline, when she saw that no brother or sister had contracted the disease at all, thought that she was being blessed for her deeds.

The nanobots eventually died off as more wolves became cured and immune. There were no humans left to revive the virus, so the virus was completely extinct. In fact, the immunity was hereditary for one generation. It even spread like the virus (through contact of skin or fluids) from wolves who were originally affected. This was because dead "nanobots" still flowed through their bloodstreams, providing easy immunization. However, as the virus died, so did The Brotherhood. The group had accomplished its main task and had no reason to stay together. In fact, Crystalline agreed that The Brotherhood was obsolete and allowed it to disband until only a few of her closest members remained.

AS TIME PASSED BY, CRYSTALLINE WONDERED WHERE AND HOW THE VIRUS HAD ORIGINALLY INSTIGATED. She figured that the virus had come very recently and unnaturally because it had never existed before, and it spread faster and easier than even distemper and rabies. Nobody knew exactly why, but she concluded that it came from certain "symptomed" wolves. She concluded that any wolf with a defect or deformation was likely to be "symptomed", including wolves with mismatched eyes, abnormally long or short body parts, odd legs, uneven faces, and many other physical and occasionally mental complexes. Many believe she had connections or perhaps emotional sympathy for runts since she did not target them. As "payback for indirectly killing [my male leader]" and as "a precautionary measure against the return of this disaster", Crystalline campaigned once again. With a thousand lies and a good disguise, Crystalline recruited many more members under the false belief that "symptomed" wolves were meant to be exterminated. She stated this lie over and over again as "unsymptomed" wolves began to believe her, especially those who had lost close family, mates, and friends from the plague.

"Symptomed" wolves were obviously not accustomed to this. One wolf named Voltaine, who had very ironic parents, rose to move against this. At first, nobody supported him because many believed he had the views of a dictator, which contradicted the natural instinctive hierarchal pack system. However, even "unsymptomed" wolves joined Voltaine as many witnessed the merciless murder of many "symptomed" wolves everywhere. The gargantuan pack of wolves settled in a large solar-powered, nearly in-tact war base once owned by humans where science and technology had flourished long ago. This route called themselves the "Revoltaires", a pun of the words "revolters" and "Voltaine".

THE REVOLTAIRES LEARNED MUCH FROM WHAT THE HUMANS LEFT BEHIND. They eventually learned that the humans had a written language and even learned how to understand certain words through context clues. For example, they learned what the letters "F", "I", "R", and "E" consecutively meant together as they examined numerous fire alarm triggers and fire extinguishers that stated "FIRE" above a simple embossment of a flame. They learned how to operate several human devices, from simplistic objects such as doorknobs, elevators, and light switches to complex objects including radio transmitters, radio receivers, and even lasers. A few learned how to turn on and off calculators and certain computers (which wolves pronounce "koom putters"), and fewer even learned how to read the digital display. Wolves who studied "anthroscriptology" (the wolves' word for the study of the human language) were able to use the computers serviceably, and about three wolves (including Voltaine) learned how to save and load simple text documents.

One device called the "MGCD" stood near the center of the base. They called it the "mega-kid" both because of its large size and because the letters, when pronounced together, crudely sounded that (using their knowledge of "human" from a poster, "gut" and "cold" from the kitchen, and "deer" from a hunting poster). The structure consisted of a large black half-dome on top of the slightly sloped roof of a large silver-colored building. This large structure was known to humans as the "Misil-Generating Celestial Dome", which had the capability to generate the life of large quantities of an energy-based life-form known as a Misil. One Misil individually had enough energy to cause the Sun to collapse into a black hole. The Revoltaires had no idea what this device had the potential to do, but the weapon of mass destruction could one day be accidentally triggered by experimenting wolves...

A THIRD FACTION, THE FOLLOWERS OF THE CRIMSON RED (FCR), WAS FORMED in an abandoned human metropolis the wolves called Crimson City. This name derived from the countless amount of blood found in various parts of the city. Many FCR pack members called their leader "The Crimson Red" because he roamed the streets at night with red eyes that glowed in the darkness. Their leader, a gray "symptomed" wolf named Villo, founded the FCR pack to attempt to bring the world, or at least the proximity of the three factions (which was the only place where the wolves knew for sure life still existed), back to its homeostasis, which was believed to be before the humans had begun to fight each other. At first, the FCR pack attempted to use appeasement to settle the dispute; he offered to the Bloodtails all of the "symptomed safeguard" wolves (lone wolves who were under the protection of the FCR pack from the Bloodtails) in exchange for the systematic extermination of no more "symptomed" wolves. Of course, this failed. The FCR pack then became a pack of wolves aimed to break up any battles between the over-powerful Bloodtails and the technology-superior Revoltaires. They would occasionally start battles in order to "prevent mischief" or "maintain their level of power". They were focused on "piece and equality" for "a better and recovered world".

AS MORE TIME PASSED BY BETWEEN THE RIVALING ROUTES, IT BECAME INCREASINGLY EVIDENT that wolves were only following the same path as the humans. The long road to ruin laid before them. As more and more lone wolves succumbed to Crystalline's clever tongue, showed revenge as they joined Voltaire, or retreated to Villo's protection or inspirational hopes, this new war escalated to an undesirably and uncomfortably lethal level.

CONSEQUENTLY, HISTORY WOULD ONLY REPEAT ITSELF. An intelligent man, one of the few who were truly intelligent, named Albert Einstein had once stated that, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." And Einstein was right regardless of how lightly the majority of the human population took this. Due to their folly, their weapons, and their blindness, the human race dug their graves and leaped in head-first as they expected a happy ending. They let the Fat Man drop a final time, but on more than just the land of the Rising Sun...for the Sun was setting. And now the next have to walk their trail of blood and fix what the human race had tampered and broke. However, they now see that they are only continuing the trail of blood. They are only continuing the cause of another imminent end. These are the wolves who rose in place, and this is their cascade that crashes to the rock bottom.

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PostSubject: CASCADE: Symbolism   Fri May 04, 2012 5:34 pm

This is a list of symbolism involved within CASCADE. Note how every symbolic part has three reasons why it is used in the site.

Cascade (name of site):
  1. When thought of as a falling object, it's a reference to the symbol of the FCR pack.
  2. When thought of as a waterfall, it is referring to how the water crashes to the bottom just as the human population had.
  3. When thought of as a waterfall, it is referring to a quick rush of water capable of causing wipeout, just like the Great Flood as told in the Holy Bible, which involved a mass wipeout of most people on the Earth ("Behold, I, even I am bringing the flood of water upon the earth, to destroy all flesh in which is the breath of life, from under heaven; everything that is on the earth shall perish." [The Holy Bible: Genesis 6]).

Symbol of [The Brotherhood of] the Bloodtails
  1. It contains a drop of blood, which is an obvious reference to the route's purpose.
  2. The drop is encircled. The circle can represent a cycle, referring to Crystalline's belief that the current condition of the world is at the low point of the circle, and that The Brotherhood is meant to bring it to the top.
  3. The circle can represent infinity (with infinite sides and angles) and as complete closure, which collectively refers to The Brotherhood uniting together as "a united Brotherhood of infinite superior rights".

Symbol of the Revoltaires
  1. If viewed normally, it is an "R" for "Revoltaires".
  2. If viewed at 90°, it is the letter "V" for "Voltaine" being held up by a paw above the "horizon separating the light [good] from the dark [evil]".
  3. It is the only symbol based on a Latin letter, suggesting their knowledge of limited Latin-based human language.

Symbol of the Followers of the Crimson Red (FCR)
  1. It's an equilateral triangle (three equal sides and three equal angles), which refers to the desired equality between the three factions.
  2. There are three equilateral triangles cascading as if falling in a spiral, suggesting that the factions should unite or fall alone.
  3. The purpose of the dot is unknown, but many suggest that it represents how the three factions each seek the common good and could still revolve around it even if united.

The Number Three
  1. Three is an important number to Christianity and Wicca (for example: God's three "omni-" attributes, the Trinity, the three Wiccan goddesses, and the Triquetra), which are both portrayed in parts of Cascade (for example: the Great Flood allusion and "Elementals").
  2. The site's creator is an American. America's three days of remembrance that forever changed the country (each involving an attack on [an] important building[s]) occurred on years divisible by three: the Alamo (1836, "Remember the Alamo!" [Sam Houston]), Pearl Harbor (1941, "...a day which will live in infamy." [FDR]), and 9/11 (2001, "...there will be no forgetting September the 11th." [George W. Bush]). Each one contributed to major wars as well.
  3. The three factions could be related to the triad, a symbol of body (Bloodtails), mind (Revoltaires), and spirit (FCR).
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CASCADE: The Story [plus symbolism involved]
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