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 Newbie Help: Fighting Characters, Killing Characters, Subjects, After Posting

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PostSubject: Newbie Help: Fighting Characters, Killing Characters, Subjects, After Posting   Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:22 pm

Have you engaged yourself in a battle? No worry! First, you must recognize that there are two general types of battles: organized and, well, unorganized. If the two of you agree on a battle, it's an organized battle. If one character had just attempted to attack another without permission, that would be an unorganized battle. Organized battles are better because they specify how the battle should go. It will basically describe in OOC or IC whether or not elementals are allowed and whether or not either both of the two or neither (not one or the other) can die in the battle. Note that if death is "off" for one character, it is "off" for the other, too. That is the only difference between organized and unorganized battles. In unorganized battles, elementals and death are assumed to be "on".

Remember that power-play is still prohibited. No normal jaw can bite into a neck and instantly grab the spinal cord; several bites are required to reach this far. Be fair. Also, be fair in hits. Of course, you can not auto-hit or auto-kill (i.e.: "Jack bit Fred."). Hits must be attempts (i.e.: "Jack tried to bite Fred."). Fred, in this case, would decide on whether or not the hit succeeds. Be fair here; don't always make the opponent miss. Also be logical; if Fred was glued to the ground and two million Jack clones were "trying to bite Fred", then I can bet a million dollars Fred will get bit. This probably can not miss. Be logical.

Try to avoid the "if and if not" situation. They look like this at the end of a post: "Jack tried to bite Fred. If he succeeds, he would sink in deeper and shake. If he fails, he will stand back up and try again." This is a common attempt to speed up a thread by telling Fred what Jack's next move will be. Doing this poses several problems. For example, Fred may want to say "Fred tried to dodge. He did not get bit, but Jack's claw did scrape his side." Then what does Jack do? Plus, this makes Jack predictable anyway; Fred now knows that Jack will try to bite again if he misses the first time. "If and if not" statements are also complicated when it comes to abandoned threads.

Abandoned threads are fighting threads that one of the characters did not ever reply to even though the characters were in the middle of the battle. A thread usually becomes "abandoned" within fifteen days of no reply. However, if the character replies in General Chat with an excuse for not being around (like a vacation), and if this time of vacation exceeds the 15 day limit (i.e. It was day 12, and he had a 7-day vacation.), then he will have one week upon coming back to reply. It is by then either replied or abandoned.

An abandoned thread usually goes in favor of whoever posted last. There are certain exceptions. Here are a few scenerios and what the result will be:
Quote :
DETAIL: Jack was about to bite Fred, but Fred never replies.
RESULT: The bite succeeds exactly as Jack had said in the post that he had planned for it to do (i.e.: "He aimed for the leg.") as long as it was logical. Then, the fight ends as if both of them fled different directions. If it was illogical, the mistake would have already been consulted by a mod or admin in an *in* post anyway.

DETAIL: Jack dodged a bite from Fred and is vulnerable on the floor, but Fred never replies.
RESULT: The fight just ends there.

DETAIL: Jack gives the "if and if not" statement I used in the third paragraph, but Fred never replies.
RESULT: These statements will usually go with the statement that is most harmful to the character who did not reply if they happen in offense. In this case, the bite and shaking will happen, but the fight will end as if the two ran opposite directions.

DETAIL: Jack tries to dodge a bite and posted, "If he succeeds, Jack would try to bite him back. If not, he would get hurt." Fred never replies.
RESULT: "If and if not" statements used in defense usually go to the option that is least harmful to the character who had most recently replied. So, the "if" statement wins this time.
So basically, the favor goes to, in these scenerios, Jack, because Fred was the one that did not reply. If a post ended in an illogical attempt (i.e.: "Jack stared at Fred and waited for him to drop dead." or "Jack tried to scratch Fred, and his scratch to the back might kill him."), then it ends logically. In the first example, Fred gets hurt and it ends there. In the second example, nobody gets hurt and it ends there (if Fred does not reply). In the third and fourth examples, Fred would get scratched but not killed since it was impossible unless there was something strange about the claws, and the thread would end there (if Fred does not reply).

You do not have to abandon a thread to end it. If you think you were losing but figured that you could abandon the post right there without getting harmed, and if somebody suspects that you have done this, then you have put yourself into trouble. If you are found guilty of intentionally doing this, then we have the right to finish the thread like this: "Your character is now dead." So, just finish the post. If you think you will lose, then at least try to run away or fight back. Who knows, you may win! I remember one fight I was in on a different character was losing for sure, but the opponent, a tiger, suddenly decided that she wanted to look at a lake that was almost a mile away. So, she just said something like, "I'm bored. I'm gonna go now, goodbye." So, don't give up!

Oh, and this may be common sense or may not...but if you have two of your own characters in a thread fighting, don't make separate posts. Just make them fight. Since they are both your characters, they can auto-hit and auto-kill each other AS LONG AS they are fighting in one post, not multiple posts. Plus, multiple posts of your own characters count as replying to yourself, which is not allowed. If you have two accounts (which you need permission to do) that are fighting each other, then you must treat this like you would normally do.

When your character dies, report it to the Character Registration board. If your character killed another, reply to the other role-player's post of your deed so you can gain your experience. However, killing is not as simple as that.

First off, you can not auto-kill. That has been made clear everywhere in the rules. Now, you can not kill somebody on the first or second post you try. You have to have posted three posts to kill somebody. Also, you have to be following the rules for fighting. You have to give your opponent a chance to survive (going back to auto-kill).

Second, you cannot kill a character without its player's consent.

If your character has died, it will have to either be unregistered or played as a spirit. At first, the spirit can not touch or pick things up. If you play your spirit enough, he or she will learn how to pick up objects as a spirit. If you role-play this spirit for long enough, it is said that the spirit will become physical and therefore come back to life...

Elementals have an advantage over mortals. They can easily kill a mortal. However, there is a powerful character named Zion. If an elemental kills any mortal, he or she will 9 times out of 10 be sent to Zion. That 1 time out of 10 is when Zion does not see you (somehow). You have no choice against or escape from being sent to Zion. Zion will question why you killed a mortal. If you truthfully answer (Zion hates lies...) and your reason is reasonable, then Zion sets you free. Otherwise, Zion will petrify your Elemental. This means that your elemental is now a stone statue. You can no longer play this character at all. Elementals have no spirit and no second chance. There are other ways for an Elemental to be petrified, but this is the most common. BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR ELEMENTAL.

Mortals have no elemental power but can not be petrified. Zion likes to protect mortals in respect as well. Elementals can die as well as be petrified.

This post's subject is Newbie Help: Fighting Characters, Killing Characters, Subjects, After Posting. You can obviously see that. Now, be sure you read this to see what is required of the subject.

I don't want to see (no subject) or Re 1: Blah Blah Blah. Post subjects should be thought about. Now, there are still guidelines. You should tell the reader it the post is open or closed. An open post is for anybody to reply to; a closed post is only for certain characters or one certain character.

Here are good examples (### is the subject):

  • ### [o]
  • ### ((Open))
  • ###//open
  • ### [open]

As long as the reader understands, it's great. Not posting "open" or "closed"/"private" is alright but will confuse the reader; he or she may assume that it's open but won't feel the desire to waste time opening the post and checking. You may also want to specify the name of the character you expect in the thread if it is a closed thread.

Let's say that your subject is "Time to GO" and the thread is a closed thread for your character and a character named Jack. Let's say it was open. He would do something like this: Time to GO [p, Jack]. Or, it may be this: ((Jack)) Time to GO ((Closed)).

Be creative with your subject! Don't just put "The Wolf". Granted, you can do whatever you want; I can't punish you for putting a stupid subject. However, a subject like "U r awsme!" or "She walks into the area and wonders" is unacceptable. ((By the way, the Terms of Service of the site (you know, the long paragraph you had to check the box for upon joining, the one you did not read?) literally says not to use slang.))

If you want, you may add ornaments to the subject (e.i.: ~♫~Walking On Sunshine~☼~ ((Susan, Open))). However, don't overdo the ornaments (i.e.: ~@#$%^&*()@&(*%!O.O**()&&*(&^#$!%&*() The Wolf OF AWESOMENESS). I also discourage using all caps in an entire subject (as seen above).

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Newbie Help: Fighting Characters, Killing Characters, Subjects, After Posting
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