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PostSubject: Elementals   Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:04 pm

Characters here have special powers called elementals. Possible elementals are:

  1. Anemo (air, wind, flight) (NOTE: Aero is another name for Anemo.)
  2. Astro (stars)
  3. Cryo (ice)
  4. Cyto (cellular)
  5. Electro (electricity)
  6. Hydro (water)
  7. Ito (earth, rocks)
  8. Meteo (weather)
  9. Phyto (foliage, growth)
  10. Pyro (fire, heat (including the absence of heat))
  11. Thermo ( a combination of Meteo, Cyro, and Pyro to their weaker extents)

Each elemental comes with an additional power. For example, Anemo Elementals can make a gust of wind, but they can also fly! Here is the list of ADDITIONAL abilities:

  1. Anemo: ability to fly (so they may (or may not) have wings); ability to be weightless
  2. Astro: ability to "read" stars and tell the past, present, and future
  3. Cyro: ability to reduce or increase friction
  4. Cyto: ability to go through objects; ability to detect the composition of an object
  5. Electro: ability to absorb electricity
  6. Hydro: ability to breathe water; ability to turn itself and (with enough EP) others into mist and back
  7. Ito: ability to crush through rock and (with enough EP) steel
  8. Meteo: ability to condensate or evaporate water
  9. Phyto: ability to absorb sunlight to heal itself; ability to heal
  10. Pyro: ability to absorb sunlight
  11. Thermo: ability to suddenly change the temperature of something (good for fixing a fever)

Absorbing means that if the character can absorb, for example, electricity, so electricity will not harm him or her but instead heal him or her from any wounds and abolish any hunger or thirst. However, if the character was to electrify itself, the displaced energy slightly more than what he or she is gaining, so he or she loses energy like this.

EP, by the way, means Elemental Power. As you post more and (most important) use your elemental powers, you will slowly gain EP. The maximum EP is 100 times the amount of elementals your character has, because each elemental can have up to 100 EP. As you gain more elemental powers, your EP increases for your character. EP dictates what you are able to do; Anemo Elementals with 5 EP may only be able to blow a small wind and fly about one half a mile, whereas Anemo Elementals with 100 EP can create tornadoes and fly across the map. While hunting, hunting deer and (especially) caribou are the fastest animals to gain EP whereas small animals like squirrels and turtles are the slowest.

You have a choice to have a mortal character if you really really want one. PM an admin for more information.

Elementals fear Zion. Zion is a powerful character who has the ability to petrify an Elemental (in other words, they turn to stone). Petrified Elementals can never come back. They don't have spirits either. The only reason Zion would want to petrify you is if you killed a mortal or revealed your secret to too many mortals. Yet, it is rumored that Zion could be bribed to petrify somebody (she can petrify mortals, too). This is (to most) a big lie because she has no use for aluminum, and she is hard to find anyway.
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