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PostSubject: Vanastiel   Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:20 pm

Admin: Valeria
Opening Date: 8/28/2013
What We're Looking For: Active, Dedicated RPers
Preferred Age Range: 17+
"Rating": Our rating is situational. It ranges between PG-13 and NC-17.
Current Member Count: 10 and Growing

What Is Vanastiel?

Vanastiel is a unique, character-driven fantasy RP. While there will be site-wide events, plots and festivals, the world will largely be shaped by the RPers (Culture, technology, some religious aspects, even discovering things such as new locations and races will happen naturally, as the RPers' characters uncover such things. The fate of the world will be affected by the things that RPers do; whether it becomes an incredible, fantasy version of the Roman Empire, a Dystopian waste or something in-between.) There are currently 18 playable races (with more to be discovered) and 20 classes (again, with more to be discovered.)

What Else Does Vanastiel Offer? There are currently 35 RP locations, 18 RP races (other than humans, the rest are unique) and many classes. There is ancient technology to be found, adventures, excitement and IC drama to be had!

Brief Back-Story:  When the world ended, it did not happen as it was anticipated. There was no war to end all wars. The oceans did not turn to fire, disease did not sweep throug the world and the lands did not turn to ice. It is true that the Gods had grown angry with their people, who had turned completely away from them in the pursuit of technology, magic and their own desires. Many wondrous and horrible advances had been made by society. The Gods, fearing the end of their own existence and the destruction of everything they had created, put an end to their own creations.

The oceans became vast expanses of blood. Storms ravaged Vanastiel and the lands sank into the seas. In a single night, the Gods destroyed everything that they had created. In the span of a few hours, all life was snuffed out.  A great darkness blanketed Vanastiel for many years.

But the Gods were not cruel and merciless. What they destroyed, they recreated. They re-shaped Vanastiel once again, the oceans becoming water once more as brand-new lands rose from the depths of those waters. They forged the races from the land sea, light, shadow and magic. Animals and plants came forth from the new lands themselves.

It is the year 308.

People have no recollection of the destruction their world had undergone. They have built cities, towns and wondrous airships. They have mastered the Arcane and Divine magic that the Gods gave them as gifts. However, they have not yet managed reclaim the technology that was lost to them. The world is still young and its denizens are trying to discover where they belong.

The Gods can only hope these people do not make the same mistakes that their ancestors did.[/nocode]
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