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 Era Of Forsaken Fates Rp Site

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PostSubject: Era Of Forsaken Fates Rp Site   Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:30 pm

You're lost.
You're scared.
The harsh heat of the sun's rays beat down on your unique derma. Your throat is dry, the lack of the refreshing  liquid crystalline water is getting to you.
You move onward, the harsh terrain underneath your structure begin to make scratches along your pads.
You're weakening, you can feel it throughout your body. A thought runs through your head.
I might die.
Your appendages are trembling from the effort of supporting your figure.
You close your optics, knowing this is the end, your journey has come to an end.
You open them back up, getting ready to say your last words, until your orbs land on something, something different.
The domicile in front of you leaks out with mist, that spreads over the terrain. The flora seems to be different from anything you have seen.
A breeze forms, pushing itself through the domicile, it flows into your derma, it's a calm wind, but it seems to be gaining strength.
Your receptors hear the faint words flowing through the wind. your optics narrow, the wind becoming stronger.
"Welcome? Welcome to what?" You speak out, your voice sounding hoarse, as it becomes painful to speak.
The wind gets stronger, whipping the trees around, the leafs being picked up from the earth, soaring through the air. You back up a step, loosing your balance you tumble to the ground. You attempt to stand, but your muscles give off an intense burn.
Two outlines appear in front of you, one of the figures steps closer, light illuminates from the ground it just touched. Your optics widen, your confused to what just happened.
A dark chuckle rings out into the atmosphere your crown whips around, searching for the source. Your orbs train on something hidden in the shadows, seeing only the darkness surrounding the trees.
You whip your crown back to the light source, now seeing the fierce aqua colored luminaries that seem to glow from the light.
The figures emerge from their spots, coming into your view fully. You see something, something strange on their structures... it looks almost like, like wings.
"Wha-" You try to begin, but a voice cuts you off.
"You've made it to the hidden lands."
Hidden lands? What are those? You question to yourself. You stay on the terrain, looking up at the two whom seem to be complete opposites, one seems to be filled with intense light, while the other seems to give off a dark vibe while the shadows follow it.
"You've got two choices."
The voice continues on, while you wait, dazed and confused of to what's going on.
"Live, and become one of us, or refuse, and suffer a long, painful death given by the land."
The voice is dark, ringing through your mind like it sees everything that goes on through it.
"Choose wisely."
The light voice speaks, seeming to calm you down, but only a tad.
You gulp, the dryness of your throat burns. You look up to the figures, opening your jaws to speak,
"I choose..."

This is an active fantasy wolf pack rp site, now open for anyone over the age of 12 to join. We range from moderate to advanced in roleplaying, and we also do roleplaying training for those who wish to become better.  You get to decide your fate. Angel? Demon? or Hybrid?
 Already wanna join, eh?Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Era Of Forsaken Fates Rp Site   Mon Mar 30, 2015 6:17 pm

im new
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Era Of Forsaken Fates Rp Site
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