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 Mutation Levels

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PostSubject: Mutation Levels   Wed Jul 10, 2013 6:31 pm

Something is in the air, water, and ground. It makes the river softly glow in the night. It especially comes from the east and from Crimson City. Crystalline blames everything on it now, though it rarely existed outside of confined areas. The humans called it radiation.

Fortunately, the wolves have mostly adapted to the radiation. They can take a moderate dosage without the risks of cancer and death. It still affects them nonetheless. Immune wolves (wolves that came in contact with another wolf's nanobot virus or that descended from another immune wolf) experience the least effect from radiation; the worst they may experience is a strange color of fur at birth.

Wolves, even Revoltaires, rarely call this radiation. They have grown too used to it to give it a name. However, wolves rate themselves on how much this radiation has effected them by listing each wolf at a Mutation Level.

Each Mutation Level is different and worse than the one below it. Each level is like a different species. Below is a list of each Mutation Level and their classifications.

Some wolves must drink Meta-Mutagen (or just Mutagen for short) to survive. Others cannot even touch it. Mutagen is a black sludge that lies near Luminant River like algae or in other various places.

Unless otherwise specified, wolves may breed around two to three years of age and produce pups of any Mutation Level within the boundaries of the parents' levels.

LevelCommon NameRarityDescriptionAllowed Mutations"Symptomed"LifespanImportant Information/Requirements
AA Mutation"Demons"Very RareThese wolves are the most affected by radiation. They almost always have several extra appendages, holes, and eyes. Their systems may fail often for a moment but restart fine. Regardless of their Elemental, they often have small, shriveled, useless wings. Their Elementals are very powerful, but their mind is usually not sane enough to know how to control these powers. They often share attributes with other animals such as horns or hooves. They may breed at 3 years of age and always produce AA Mutation spawn. Live birth is very rare.extra legs, heads, or tails; odd fur formations; markings; horns; holes; other animals' features; uneven build; shorter or longer legs or tails; double or missing claws; deformations; winglets; almost anything elseYES2-4 yearsThese costs Aluminium. These must drink Mutagen to live. Many of the mutations are required.
C Mutation"Glowworms" or "River Spawn"RareThese will usually have distorted or occasionally extra appendages. Their eyes and bodily fluids glow in the dark. Their fur may also glow, and their blood may glow strong enough to be visible as glowing streams. They bleed easily, but their blood replenishes quickly.antennae; bulbs; markings; odd, usually neon colorsYES5-8 yearsThese must drink Mutagen to live.
G Mutation"Leaffurs"RareThese are often moody wolves who always want more, more, and more. They always have glowing eyes and usually no scent. Their Elementals are powerful but difficult to control. They are very obsessive and controlling. Their mindset usually changes each day; one day, a wolf can be a loyal Follower, while the next day, it would be a rebellious loner. Their fur can plaster together like papery armor. They must do this to protect them from rain since water, especially rain, hurts their skin.long, short, or extra appendages; horns; odd colors; markings; fur that can temporarily fuse togetherYES8-9. yearsThese may touch or drink Mutagen but do not have to. However, they find it difficult to drink water, so they often drink Mutagen.
L Mutation"Doubles" or "Shadow Chasers"UncommonThese wolves have two different forms. Both of these forms have simple mutations such as a double tail, but they both must share at least one common mutation. One form is a neutral form, which consists of a natural personality. The other form is very vicious and different. This dangerous form acts crazy and nothing like its other form. Their Elementals are stronger but very uncontrollable. These may commonly be in either form, but one form is always much rarer. Something such as a full moon or a certain color may trigger the wolf to turn into one form, but it cannot willingly change forms. At least one form must have colored markings.long or short appendages; extra tails; horns; odd colors; markingsYES9-11 yearsIf one touches Mutagen, the Mutagen will burn and maybe melt the contacted skin. They must have two forms that both have at least one mutation in common. One form is sane while the other is not. Each form must have at least one trigger.
N Mutation"Porcupines"CommonThese usually like fighting and are often selfish. They usually have many horns and spikes in many places on their body. They are larger but move slow. They are incapable of running fast or swimming. Most can retract their horns. Their Elementals are fairly weak but still effective.horns; spikes; markings; odd colors; swollen or smaller parts; odd fur formationswhen it has visible horns15-17 yearsIf one comes in any contact with Mutagen, it will most likely "melt" into more Mutagen and therefore die. Rarely, it may become a higher Mutation Level instead.
R MutationN/ACommonThese are some of the more normal wolves. They will have unusual colors and may have a rare mutation. Their Elementals are weak, but they can train their powers to be effective.markings; odd colors; swollen or smaller parts; slightly odd fur formationsno17-20 yearsIf one comes in any contact with Mutagen, it will most likely "melt" into more Mutagen and therefore die. Rarely, it may become a higher Mutation Level instead.
X MutationN/AUncommonThese are almost normal wolves. They may sometimes have odd colored fur in a small marking. All mortals are this level. If one is not mortal, its Elemental is very weak and cannot improve. These cannot go too far east without feeling sick; they dislike hanging around Crimson City and the Citadel for that reason. They cannot swim in Luminant River without getting very sick.a marking with an odd colorno21-25 yearsIf one comes in any contact with Mutagen, it will almost always "melt" into more Mutagen and therefore die. Very rarely, it may become a higher Mutation Level instead.
Z MutationN/ALegendaryThese may not exist. These have absolutely no mutations. They are born without Elemental powers, but if they somehow acquire one, they will be extremely powerful. They get sick anywhere east of the Revoltaires base. Since they are so rare that wolves believe they are extinct, Zion protects these from death.nonenounknownIf one comes in any contact with Mutagen, it will always "melt" into more Mutagen and therefore die. These cannot be registered. Zion protects these.
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Mutation Levels
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