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 How to Get Started on CASCADE

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PostSubject: How to Get Started on CASCADE   Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:17 pm

Below this post is a list of specific rules. If you have played on other roleplay sites before, then you probably understand most of these rules. While it is still important to read these rules, you may find this post most helpful to start playing on CASCADE.

To get started, you must first:

  • Create a main account. This will be the account that others contact and to which you link your character accounts.
  • You can find the form in the Character Registration forum. Post the form on that forum.
  • When a mod accepts the form, create a new account. Then, a mod will fill out a character sheet.

Character sheets can be found in the account profile or in the mini-profile next to the account's posts. They include all of the information about the character, like a bio.
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How to Get Started on CASCADE
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