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 These Old Buildings [OPEN]

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PostSubject: These Old Buildings [OPEN]   Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:39 am

His paw pad stung, and his ear burned where the city reached out to him. He had never been in any kind of environment like this and it showed. He had stepped on a sharp metal outlier that was enough to break the skin on his right paw pad. His ear was torn slightly when stray wire dropped down from a low ceiling. He usually kept to the woods, being too scared to walk in the cities alone, but if the FCR made them their home, it was a good enough for him.

Dropping his head and sniffing at the ground he found himself at the entrance of a building devoid of the life it once held. He stretched forward peering into its slanted entrance and scanned the inside with his soft blue eyes. Walking inside he looked at the dusty stairs and the broken glass from the gritty, shattered lights above. He saw the dark outline of a human on the ground, he couldn't help but feel sorry for it. Lightly trotting over the glass, he climbed to the next story. There was more broken glass here, and more light. He trotted over to a broken window, scanning the ground below and how far the territory stretched. It looked almost... peaceful, witch he knew was the exact opposite of what the packs alliances were. The sun bled through a few clouds, and some murky smog that seemed to hover low in the city. He dreamed of stars in the night sky, and how pretty they must be, and he thought about hopeful sunshine that must be on the other side of the smog that hovered below the clouds. Forgetting the little pains of his, he took a deep breath. Onai opened himself up, feeling the air ruffle his fur and slide smoothly around his face. He could almost feel it, how the earth should really feel. Maybe this city wasn't so bad.
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These Old Buildings [OPEN]
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