CASCADE: Advanced Wolf Roleplay
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 { stand strong, stand together - wolf rpg }

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PostSubject: { stand strong, stand together - wolf rpg }   Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:49 am

These lands that we call home have grown, wolves coming in every day. Our paradise drawing others in. Others who try to take what we have defended for lifetimes, those who cross our borders to steal what is ours. Never shall we abandon our homes. We must stand strong, stand together, in the face of these... trespassers.

A beautiful community,
full of friendly staff
and amazing members and characters.
We are a semi-realistic wolf
play by post role play
based in the fictitious lands of Moladion.
An intermediate to advanced game
that accepts beginners who are
willing to improve their posts
through practice.
Two hundred word minimum on all posts.

Come check us out!
We absolutely love new people.
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{ stand strong, stand together - wolf rpg }
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