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 You gonna? [Toxi]

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PostSubject: You gonna? [Toxi]   Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:14 pm

Quite frankly, Quemal hated the gloopy red stuff that was congealing on his tail. Why, why was it that the divine rewarded only those who were so... so grubby? Every other inch of him was spotless, but the gory trophy behind him was like a magnet to the dust that still raised its head as his paws struck the paved earth. Uncomfortable stuff, that, even if it helped keep his black talons to a reasonable length.

At least he wasn't hungry. The predators of predators, it was the Bloodtails who kept game so rich in the Crimson Forest - after all, no dead dog needed to eat. Whilst all large game had been driven away by his initial canine kill (he preferred to hunt hungry - it gave him an edge) rabbits and voles scuttled almost fearlessly about like they owned the damn place.

Which, of course, they didn't. He did. Or his pack, at least.

And so it was with a slow, sated gait that he swayed through the near-deserted plaza, his scowl softened by the pleasant warmth within. The emptiness was usually a bore, but today, it meant only that there were no distractions as he swaggered towards the main building and the bunkers that flanked it. An odd place to live, certainly, but those symptomed little buggers couldn't smash these walls, making it at least a relative sanctuary. It also kept out the heat of the midday sun, allowing him to rest in relative peace, which was exactly what he intended to do.

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PostSubject: Re: You gonna? [Toxi]   Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:32 pm

((Sorry for the late response. You wouldn't believe how busy I was.))

It was a fine day for once. The temperatures over time changed abnormally from hot to cold and eventually hot again. The sun still shined somewhat uncomfortably warmly over the Bloodtails' citadel, but it was still much better than the previous days. Any black objects were still hard to touch for more than a second, but the day was overall quite pleasant.

In fact, everybody was out hunting. The plaza was as desolate as the blackened world away from the citadel, the forest, the city, and everything else the wolves knew. Toxi, a Guard of Bloodtails and perhaps the most well known Guard, stayed back at the citadel. Her job at Bloodtails besides the usual responsibility of keeping the number of symptomed wolves low was to watch over the citadel to check for suspicious activity. Mostly, she watched for intrusive Revoltaires. The citadel was very empty, so Toxi was quite bored. Yet, she knew that the Bloodtails was most vulnerable to attack on a warm, active day when every Bloodtail was away.

Toxi stood on the top of the third bunker. She leapt while using her Elemental, thus propelling herself almost past bunker two. Leaping about was her passion and hobby since she was very proficient at it. She then faced the tall statue in the center of the plaza. She eyed its right ear, smirked, braced herself, and pushed off of the roof of the bunker. She sailed silently across the blue sky, her legs outstretched in front of and behind of her. With the help of her Elementals, she reached the head of the statue. Her Elemental also helped her balance on the statue's head. With all four paws, she remained motionless on the statue as she surveyed the proximity.

She then turned around to face the main building when she confirmed that nobody was coming. She then spotted below her another wolf. His colors stood out against the monotonous, gray, cobblestone ground. She knew he was a Bloodtail; she knew him a little (just that he was a Bloodtail), and she knew that nobody would just wear blood on his or her tail for fashion. At first, she had no suspicions about this wolf. She then wondered about his purpose there. He could not possibly have hunted enough to tire; it was not even evening yet. She figured he had no interest in hunting today. But would a robin stay in its nest on the first warm spring day?

"Only with broken wings," the gray and white female verbally answered to herself in a mutter, likely too quite to hear or make out.

She leaped down from the statue, her shadow crossing the male's view in order to get his attention. She then balanced on a rim of the main building only a story off the ground. She fixed her gaze on the wolf with a slowly wagging tail; she was not angry or visibly suspicious but rather anxious to meet him. She then called down to the wandering wolf after a few seconds, "What are you doing here this fine day?"
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You gonna? [Toxi]
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